Corefab becomes a benefit company

Corefab societa benefit

We had a mission: to create common benefit with our work.

Easy to say, a bit more complicated to do.

We worked hard on it, for a long time, involving all the partners who could help us understand how to do it.
Now we have succeeded.

From 12th October 2021 Corefab is officially a Benefit Company, and thus joins the group of companies that choose to have a positive and significant impact on the surrounding world.

Being a benefit company means continuing to pursue the company’s economic goals, making sure to do so by generating a common benefit.

A benefit that can be reported to show your commitment and, above all, to share the commitment with the entire workforce of your company.

Thus, producing wealth, both economic and cultural.
Thus, producing, in the long term, well-being.

The transformation into a benefit company

The transformation into a Benefit Company has facilitated a path of growth, where responsibility and awareness now have a dominant position in the activities we usually provide.

The fundamental concepts had to be summarized in a path and, to simplify, we created a kind of syllogism: if we recognize that #weareallessentials, it is important to remember that, immediately afterwards, #weareallresponsible.

In short, each of us is part of a process which, once started, must end together. Responsibly.
The initiatives that we have put into our project concern all the areas of which we are authors and spokespersons:

  • Team building and business activities
    • Objective: growth of the culture of responsibility in corporate environments and among people
  • Territories:
    • Objective: to enhance the territories, in particular the marginal and less frequented ones
  • Products/services:
    • Objective: to promote products and / or services that contribute to greater environmental and social sustainability
  • Companies:
    • Objective: implementation of initiatives aimed at enhancing food companies that are sensitive to sustainability issues

The assessment

The assessment process we undertook for the transformation into a benefit company saw us involved in a journey intended to better understand how to enhance our social role, pursuing goals that look towards a sustainable future.

This process was possible thanks to the Goodpoint company of Viviana De Luca e Nicoletta Alessi and the support of Elisabetta Pontello and Elisa Mastroianni.

Being able to exploit our skills, we have aimed at promoting the well-being of people by creating awareness on the value of each and the responsibility that each of us plays in relationships with others, so that they can best express their potential in the company, at home, at school, and in community settings.

A practical example?

As you can read between the lines of the event held at the “Severi Correnti Higher Education Institute”our mission began with the most important tools we had: our work and team building activities.
We understood that the combination of these two elements could generate value, positive energy and create new opportunities.

The team building events organized with our partners have been of great help to us in collecting data and in starting to test the possibility of supporting schools and educational projects, thanks to the energy accumulated by the companies during the events.

The right drive comes from our experience

Spaces, locations, and human capital have given us the push to pursue our search for the correct way to give life to our ambitious project.

Becoming a benefit company has therefore turned into a moral duty, even before being a necessity with an economic purpose.

A duty towards a planet where the commitment to the common benefit is at the center of international discussions and where each of us can really make a difference.

While these issues risk dividing entire nations, our commitment aims to unite and create a system that, thanks to the commitment of all, is able to produce benefits in a constant and recurring way.

In short, what was a mere hypothesis hidden in a hashtag, became a plan of action: when #weareallessential, then #weareallresponsible.

A word to the wise. Or a couple of hashtags!