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Corefab benefit company builds a future for students.

We parted in 2021 with an important transformation that led us to become a Benefit Company and, now that 2022 has widely begun, we are laying the concrete foundations for the structure of our project.

Starting today you can visit the platform dedicated to schools, Corefab Educational, to learn more about the project dedicated to the future of the younger generations, a future in which we all can and want to participate by making a concrete contribution.

Corefab Educational goals

Among the objectives that prompted us to create this new platform, there is the pillar on which our mission is based, that is the promotion of inclusive and equitable quality education and of lifelong learning opportunities for all (as one of the 17 Global Sustainability Goals, designed by the United Nations).

But how can a reality that works mainly with companies and private entities enter the school and bring a real benefit?

Through experience.

An experience that educates for the future.

Corefab’s experience is that of years of work in the constant search to bring a benefit to the corporate climate through games, challenges, and multifaceted moments of sharing.

Our work has always been based on 3 fundamental principles:

  • Listening: which has allowed us to model activities based on the inputs and objectives, that differ in each company and must be treated with care and attention.
  • Research and experimentation: one activity is never really the same as the other, despite the consolidated formats, because we work with people and they are all unique.
  • The game and its rules:the game and the possibility of living an experience simply while having fun puts problems and difficulties on a level that can be seen from a different perspective, faced with less anxiety and solved thanks to collaboration and team working.

The experience that allows to generate opportunities for the school is not only the one that the Corefab team carries in its baggage, but also the one experienced by the companies, that are the protagonists of the activities that, together with us, they build for their staff in order to grow, improve, and generate value.

Several companies have already contributed to the project thanks to the “Hours 4 Future” idea!

Sustainability and Development

Hours 4 Future is the project dedicated to schools that supports the growth of the skills of thousands of students in the green, tech and business world, through the donation of training hours.

Innovation, training, and growth are the cornerstones on which this new path for schools is based but having the support of companies and in a historical moment where our country has finally approved a law on the inclusion of subjects and teachers related to the world of non-cognitive skills (read here) and therefore where the quality of education and learning can finally deserve new contamination.

The realization of our slogan #WeAreAllEssentials reaches its peak thanks to the collaboration between businesses and schools which, together, lay the foundations for building the future of the new generation.

Thanks to Hours 4 Futurecompanies can invest in the project by donating hours of training or by participating in Corefab’s activities, producing energy and, consequently, investable funds, for the growth path of students from participating schools.

The model is very simple:

  • The company that, to improve the corporate climate, chooses to organize a team building activity with Corefab, automatically allocates hours of training / experience to students at any school.
  • The choice of the school becomes another fundamental step: you can choose to deliver courses, experiences or activities to schools already adhering to Corefab projects or
  • alternatively, the client companies may choose the schools in which to work (for example those attended by their children).

Companies, those where young people will one day begin their professional career, can now make the progress of an entire society possible and achievable.

We trace paths to go far and, from today, your company can do it together with us.

Corefab societa benefit

Corefab becomes a benefit company

We had a mission: to create common benefit with our work.

Easy to say, a bit more complicated to do.

We worked hard on it, for a long time, involving all the partners who could help us understand how to do it.
Now we have succeeded.

From 12th October 2021 Corefab is officially a Benefit Company, and thus joins the group of companies that choose to have a positive and significant impact on the surrounding world.

Being a benefit company means continuing to pursue the company’s economic goals, making sure to do so by generating a common benefit.

A benefit that can be reported to show your commitment and, above all, to share the commitment with the entire workforce of your company.

Thus, producing wealth, both economic and cultural.
Thus, producing, in the long term, well-being.

The transformation into a benefit company

The transformation into a Benefit Company has facilitated a path of growth, where responsibility and awareness now have a dominant position in the activities we usually provide.

The fundamental concepts had to be summarized in a path and, to simplify, we created a kind of syllogism: if we recognize that #weareallessentials, it is important to remember that, immediately afterwards, #weareallresponsible.

In short, each of us is part of a process which, once started, must end together. Responsibly.
The initiatives that we have put into our project concern all the areas of which we are authors and spokespersons:

  • Team building and business activities
    • Objective: growth of the culture of responsibility in corporate environments and among people
  • Territories:
    • Objective: to enhance the territories, in particular the marginal and less frequented ones
  • Products/services:
    • Objective: to promote products and / or services that contribute to greater environmental and social sustainability
  • Companies:
    • Objective: implementation of initiatives aimed at enhancing food companies that are sensitive to sustainability issues

The assessment

The assessment process we undertook for the transformation into a benefit company saw us involved in a journey intended to better understand how to enhance our social role, pursuing goals that look towards a sustainable future.

This process was possible thanks to the Goodpoint company of Viviana De Luca e Nicoletta Alessi and the support of Elisabetta Pontello and Elisa Mastroianni.

Being able to exploit our skills, we have aimed at promoting the well-being of people by creating awareness on the value of each and the responsibility that each of us plays in relationships with others, so that they can best express their potential in the company, at home, at school, and in community settings.

A practical example?

As you can read between the lines of the event held at the “Severi Correnti Higher Education Institute”our mission began with the most important tools we had: our work and team building activities.
We understood that the combination of these two elements could generate value, positive energy and create new opportunities.

The team building events organized with our partners have been of great help to us in collecting data and in starting to test the possibility of supporting schools and educational projects, thanks to the energy accumulated by the companies during the events.

The right drive comes from our experience

Spaces, locations, and human capital have given us the push to pursue our search for the correct way to give life to our ambitious project.

Becoming a benefit company has therefore turned into a moral duty, even before being a necessity with an economic purpose.

A duty towards a planet where the commitment to the common benefit is at the center of international discussions and where each of us can really make a difference.

While these issues risk dividing entire nations, our commitment aims to unite and create a system that, thanks to the commitment of all, is able to produce benefits in a constant and recurring way.

In short, what was a mere hypothesis hidden in a hashtag, became a plan of action: when #weareallessential, then #weareallresponsible.

A word to the wise. Or a couple of hashtags!

Team building outdoor galbusera

Outdoor activities. The benefits

The benefits of outdoor activities for companies and employees.

Here we are. Summer. After almost two years of pandemic. Our only desire is to go out and be able to enjoy everything around us Doing outdoor activities is something we feel the physical and psychological need, more than ever at this moment.

According to some research, somehow recurrent, physical activity in the open air gives a greater feeling of well-being and energy and helps to reduce stress and depression.

The same happens with the team building activities that you decide to take outside the office walls, trying to break down the walls of conventional and taking away from the ordinary something that was done in everyday life until the day before.

Destructuring, dematerializing, rendering everything with a different shape and complexity and then reassembling the pieces using the skills, emotions and stimuli given by going beyond one’s comfort zone.

Bringing a company outdoors means allowing it to see that it is possible to take advantage of new opportunities that it had never thought of before.

This is what happened with the Parco Matildico of Montalto, that we recently met to give new life to a wonderful location initially conceived mainly for the tourist target.

The forced stop, caused by the pandemic, prompted the organization to propose new activities also aimed at companies.

And here we are.

Meeting on this journey was natural as well as stimulating for both of us and, if you have read the other articles on our blog, you will know that for us these experiences represent a journey that is leading us to discover new realities, both because they are geolocated outside our territory and to create new opportunities that allow our outdoor team building activities to be experienced in contexts that are totally different from those already experienced.

#Weareallessentials, just like our proposals, which are becoming an essential tool. Why is that?

Because the collaborator’s experience, his satisfaction, the pleasure of being truly indispensable for achieving the objectives of the company he works for, means that the company itself benefits, improving reputation and performance.

With tangible benefits that can be measured in the long term, such as, for example, a lower dispersion of talents as well as constant production growth.

One of the activities in which these aspects see their fulfillment is “Heading to the Olympics”, which we had already talked about in the article on outdoor activities, with our partner Traccia Trekking.

As we get closer and closer to the start of the 2021 Olympics, it is an excellent proposal to emulate the achievements of the Italian athletes and feel part of a team that collaborates to achieve a common goal, shared and conquered thanks to the work of all.

We have all been through a long debilitating period and more than any other time (at least for our generations), we need to find ourselves and feel good doing something together, without barriers, without hindrances.

It is with this intention that HT High Technologies has decided to involve all its collaborators, to tell the secret ingredient of its 35 years of activity: people! And to do so, they have chosen an exceptional location, that is today one of Corefab’s partners: Oasi of Galbusera Bianca.

Team building outdoor

The pandemic brought about a forced estrangement that disrupted the growth of relationships, positive contamination, and the building of relationships of trust.

Smart working and remote working have allowed us to give continuity to the business, but to the detriment of the human side, which is the basis of every business, small or large. There is no difference on this detail.

Each individual company is the result of the union of all the players involved in the achievement of its objectives.

Corefab’s journey did not stop there, and the month of July allowed us to stir up new important needs that have emerged from contexts closer to the educational world in which Corefab has already embarked on a path during the past years, getting closer and closer to being able to provide support, realistic and concrete, in the realization of activities with a social purpose, both indoors and outdoors.

Private schools and professional technical institutes were the first to see in our proposal an opportunity to reconnect the teaching staff, reactivate and stimulate creativity and ideas in order to be able to give back to students a new and better reality, and a greater number of learning opportunities.

Could this be a new start in view of the reopening in September? Yes, because from difficulties one learns to grow, to improve and certainly in this era of great changes, Corefab will be there.

Europei del teambuilding

The Team Building European Championships

Looking beyond has taught us that with ideas we can overcome borders and play our team building Europeans championships by expanding horizons and perspectives.

The individual experiences allow us from time to time to enlarge the network of possibilities we have, to give new motivation to many companies that, especially at this moment, need to find the right incentives to restart.

The digital world has become an opportunity, a challenge that we have chosen to accept and ride to continue bringing team building activities to all companies that could benefit from it. Thanks to this evolution, which has allowed us to make something that seemed impossible to achieve, the requests we receive are significantly diversifying.

The choice to take new paths and new roads, sometimes with an unpredictable ending, was the best decision we could have made.

The matching of our services to business needs has become independent of the place in which they were to be performed, whether digital or across the territorial border.

The “Italian national team” of Corefab thus began to play its Team Building European Championships even before Euro2020.

Thanks to the collaboration with Domitys, a company that has been taking care of people for years, we have started to bring the format dedicated to those who work daily with the most fragile people, even beyond our borders, reaching as far as France.

In these places, surrounded by the need for a peaceful future, we passed the baton to a friend of Corefab, a person who over the years has overwhelmed us with her passion for the constant search for an inclusive and sustainable life.

Victoire Gouloubi, chef, trainer, and tireless mother. Of Congolese origin, she adores her land, of which she intelligently divulges customs, culture, and products. She is a curious traveler, and she believes that a dish, to be such, must be international as well as embrace memories, territories, and link continents, as in an imaginary flight.

Victoire Gouloubi, Chef and Business Trainer
Victoire Gouloubi

Victoire has brought Corefab’s soul to French soil, with the experience and expertise that in these years of great work and social commitment has placed her at the forefront of dealing with issues related to care and attention for others.

Care and attention that we are reserving for this daring “European championship” of team building, that once again pushed us beyond the imaginable. A new approach to digital tools has given us an edge that not even we could have imagined.

In fact, our journey continued beyond all borders to face a beautiful new challenge requested by a well-known multinational company, where managers and employees from all over the world were involved.

(All the world, sick!)

And to reach them we only had one move: a click!

Thanks to the superpower of digital, all the participants challenged each other online at the first Quiz Show on the European Football Championships.

Using experience, stubbornness, passion and motivation, our Marco Menoncello, creator of the show, has created a connection network so vast that it reaches the most remote corner of the globe, thus building an unparalleled virtual football challenge.

A kick to the ball and with the speed of a BIT we returned to Italy, and precisely to the University of Rome, where thanks to the support of Professor Vittorio Cesarotti (Director of the Executive MBA Rome “Tor Vergata”) it was possible to recreate the Drink&Draw format online under the expert guidance of Guido Groppi, CEO of

The involved teams, i.e., students of an MBA from the Roman university, analyzed a likely case of a company in significant economic crisis and for which they had to find a strategy to improve its fortunes while avoiding bankruptcy.

An unfortunately common case history in this historical moment, that allowed all participants to propose a possible and concretely achievable solution, also based on the useful elements provided by Guido Groppi, exploiting the world of wine and its commercial dynamics.

Our journey beyond the borders of Corefab will continue during this hot summer, returning to northern Italy and precisely to Reggio Emilia in the setting of the Maltidico Park of Montalto, where the Director and Event Manager of theMercure Astoria Hotelwill be waiting for us to speak, during a new event of team building, about a market that is finally recovering and wants to get back to work.

New scenarios, restarting markets and Corefab has chosen to be there again.

Beyond borders, beyond walls and barriers, we have decided to go and look further and further, making sure that our message is used as an aggregator to rekindle contacts and opportunities.

We decided to put the ball in the center and give it a new kick-off, playing this match in different ways that officially mark the beginning of a new era.

#weareallessential only if we understand that the market has changed, and the new imminent future will acquire more advanced shapes, influenced by what has happened in the last two years.

Shapes to which we must be ready, prepared, and good to interpret them and make them our own.

Are you ready to take the field?

Guardare Oltre teambuilding e1624892131224

Looking beyond. Care in relationships as a positive stimulus.

The great journey of Corefab in the study of effective solutions for companies sometimes takes different paths and variations from the original ones. This happens when we take a moment to think about how team building activities can be of great support even for different market segments from those that usually turn to us.

Thus, from a careful analysis of the resources that Corefab could make available to meet the silver economy market, was born our new project, aimed at those who dedicate their professional life to the care of people with social frailties.

Those who take care of people and their care need to always be able to receive stimuli that allow them to see beyondsimple work, capturing the most important aspects related to sensitivityhumanity, and continuous growth.

The role of Corefab, on this occasion, has therefore become even more important. Therefore, we decided to surround ourselves with partners with a particular attention to both the issues discussed and the objective linked to mutual trust, in order to improve the quality of relationships.

A great friend of Corefab was involved, Daniele Cassioli, (Marco Menoncello and Daniele Cassioli in the past collaborated for the theatrical show “La Svista”) multiple world champion in water skiing, member of the national council of the Italian Paralympic Committee, president of Real Eyes Sport(non-profit sports association) as well as company trainer and author of the book “Il Vento Contro”.

Daniele, through a training course dedicated to companies, brings his history and experience as a blind sportsman, transforming reality into a wonderful journey through the use and stimulation of all the senses, highlighting how our instinct makes us exploit only a small percentage of our potential.

Alongside Daniele, in addition to Corefab’s internal staff with Chiara Marelli, facilitator at a worktable and Marco Menoncello, coordinator of the entire activity, we have combined other professionals:

Samantha Zintu, head of corporate training for and Laura Bricola, professional educator.

For this mission, joining forces was essential.

Based on these premises and with a new challenge to face, together with Samantha and Daniele we created a new format, adapting one of our team building activities and declining it for the Domitys staff, a reality that has been providing for years (both in Italy and in France) housing structures in which the elderly can live in safety, without giving up their spaces, privacy and simplifying the lifestyle, thanks to the constant support of a team of professionals and collaborators.

The team building activity began with Orietta Coppi, General Manager of Domitys, who, thanks to the deep knowledge of her staff, allowed us to create the right teams so that they could get the best result from the experience they were about to discover.

Therefore, starting from the great theme of Care, important for all those who work in the health field, 4 macro categories were identified from which to start for the proposed activity:

  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Economics
  • Motivation

Within these 4 areas it was important to focus on achieving the key goal of the day:

taking care of yourself increases the possibility of taking care of others, improving the management of relationships in daily life.

With all the hinges fixed, the challenge begun.

Daniele Cassioli team building
Daniele Cassioli – Paralympic world multiple champion

Daniele opened the games with a motivational speech aimed at raising attention to the countless opportunities given by the sense organs available to the human body, considering that all the members of each team would have been deprived of one of these: sight.

“But do not worry, being deprived of sight will allow you to look beyond” – Daniele Cassioli

With only the use of touch and smell, then carrying out the activity blindfolded, everyone was asked to open a mysterious box where the participants found equipment and materials to build something that represented the characteristics of the “ideal place” for each component of the team.

At the end of the activity, the eyes protection was removed, and everyone told their own paper, making sure that the message transferred to those present could describe, without fear, the sensations that the challenge had aroused.

The result was beyond expectations.

Many of the participants (from the same team) built a heart without the others knowing.

We saw hands and bridges, symbols of opportunity and growth. Exactly the goals we set ourselves and which they arrived at in a natural and spontaneous way.

The first half of the match had already brought out the right stimuli to face the second part of the day.

A short online questionnaire sent in the interval between the first and the second half brought out all the emotions with which the participants had faced the activity and allowed to kick off the afternoon intervention held by Samantha, which led to the entire team to reflect on the importance of working at their best, in an atmosphere of sharing and serenity.

If it is true that #weareallessential, to be such the attitude must therefore be positive and aimed at sharing, just as this short and intense day was, in every moment.

It has become clear and tangible that awareness of caring for interpersonal relationships is also reflected directly on the most fragile and needy people, both in a facility for the elderly like Domitys, and in other situations where attention to others must always remain high.

The team now has an extra tool to look beyond, to see with the heart, hands, emotions.