How important is it to deepen knowledge of colleagues, to work better together?
For over 90% of the participants in our team building activities it is very important (CoreFAB survey 2023).

One of the best ways to pursue the success of an organization is to leave room for identity of all. That of getting to know each other and being surprised by the stories of colleagues. With the aim of creating cohesive and proactive teams. With a strong sense of belonging to the group. And to the company. Ready for any challenge. Ready for any change.

Tell us the story of your company. We will help you choose the best activity and route to meet your needs.


Music is democratic and much more engaging than politics.
Music is everyone’s language.
Not everyone speaks it in the same way, but recognizing it is not difficult.
Music increases awareness of one’s potential , generates well-being and is certainly an intelligent and effective way to create harmony in the team, try it and make the most of it.
No one will be able to back out.
Non-participation is, in fact, not possible. Ready to pace yourself?
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This story is likely to happen to anyone, in any company.
One random Monday the boss comes into the office and explains he wants to start producing wine. A selection of bottles aimed at attracting new customers or to sell online. After all, post pandemic is mandatory to have an online presence.
What the employees don’t know is they are the ones that need to come up with ideas for the bottles, the label, and the marketing strategy!
Every one of them is going to forget their role within the company to use their creativity, skills, and taste. And with the aim of interpreting a message with a medium (wine) known to all.
The activity can be organized also outside of Corefab’s location,
company headquarters or offices included.
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Taken from a true and fun story.
We trust in our sight so much that we become blind, blind of our other four senses.
Risking of taking many things for granted, risking of unlearning to listen to ourselves.
The svista walks in this direction, the direction of listening to ourselves and to others.
With the help of Daniele Cassioli, blind athlete with 25 world titles in water skiing, we will address issues such as listening, perception, diversity and how to welcome them in a team.
Because you don’t necessarily have to be blind to be afraid of the dark, but teamwork is essential to find the “light”.
This format supports the Real Eyes Sport association (
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#Corefab P.L.A.

Do you have hidden talents in the office?
Are there colleagues who sing, play or do cabaret in their free time?
Some would like to recite a poem in front of everyone or make an important appeal? Well, Corefab’s Free Alternate Stage is the best solution for an unforgettable event.
Collect registrations from your talents, share it and we will support you in creating an exciting moment for the whole team. We will help you with the artistic direction, leaving you time to feel good together.

p.s. perfect for aperitifs or company dinners. Also suitable for very large groups.



Can a robot train our soft skills? In “Mission Robot” we design and build, starting from recycled materials, a real working robot by leveraging team’s soft skills. Thanks to our training methodology, designed in collaboration with MIT in Boston, you will overcome the technicalities to focus on the most important aspect: the human one. Does it seem impossible to you? This is just a revolutionary adventure!
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If it’s true that life is a game, then why not learn to play it better?
“JuggLearn” is not just a team building, but a journey to discover how the ancient art of juggling can mirror and enhance our professional and personal lives.
Through the metaphor of juggling balls, we’ll explore how to maintain balance between work and private life, learning to lead ourselves and others with agility and a playful spirit.
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We are often told to save time. To manage our time better.
Also summarize email messages.
To reduce the number of emails we write every day. And we try.
And we believe it.
Because we know we can do it with a little training.
And if not, we have SPEECHLESS, a format with which you will understand how to do it. How to reduce the message to the essentials, without forgetting any details. And remaining in complete…SILENCE! 🙂
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Are you ready to discover the funniest and most extravagant side of your company?
Welcome to our #CompanyTrivia, a quiz show that will revolutionize the way you get to know the company and the team!
Forget about help from the public or the classic questions “alternatives”. In this quiz, you will face an unprecedented epic challenge, exploring the company and the team in a hilarious way.
The score doesn’t matter here; only your collective skill matters.
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Sometimes you need a refresher.
A general refresher To do this you need to “focus” on your objectives.
Be clear about your destination.
Before even wondering which is the best way to reach it.
Let’s try by focusing on a story: a film of a few frames using those little yellow characters, known to all, who characterized our childhood.
We will give names, write dialogues, photograph the scenes and compile a real storyboard to send an important message to all colleagues.
A reminder that #we are all indispensable to achieve the desired goals.
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If it is true that dreams come true one brick at a time, we can also say that success is achieved one goal at a time.
Therefore, to understand and facilitate the processes decision-making, we must not neglect the emotional aspects, such as imagination and creativity, which remain opportunities to generate solutions and transform individual knowledge into organizational capital.
It is also possible to organize the activity outside the Corefab locations, including company headquarters or offices.
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The chef’s symphony plays.
Naturally, no orchestra to conduct, only melodious dishes to create!
If then, to interpret important corporate themes, food is the “instrument” to play,
the challenge becomes really interesting.
In this competition each team has a secret ingredient which however they will only be able to use when they are able to recognize it…Ready for the challenge?
It is possible to organize the indoor team building activity even outside the Corefab locations,
including company headquarters or offices.
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Want an after-work aperitif?
For today the barmen could be you!
You will learn to prepare fantastic aperitifs to enjoy together with your team.
Each lesson will be a journey to discover a great international classic of your choice from its origins to the most modern reinterpretations in a personalized key.
Each participant prepares the drinks offered on a personal bar station equipped with a complete set of equipment for individual use, learning all the basic mixing techniques under the guidance of the teacher.
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