Choose outdoor team building, the activity in nature, to transform your team into a cohesive unit, ready to overcome any challenge. Contact us to plan an outdoor experience that will change the way you work together and enhance the sense of belonging within the team. Thanks to the essential partnership with TracciaTrekking mid mountain guides, all activities offered by CoreFAB, a benefit company, are always inclusive, suitable for any skill level, and safe.

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The big boss has called a brief … … We are talking about a great challenge that will require a great team. For this it will be essential to organize a big test to find the best performing team, the most close-knit one, the most resistant one. Three different chapters, three paths, a time, and common objectives. Which team will be ready for these Olympics?
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The watchword is still team building.
And perhaps never, as in this series, teamwork is the decisive ingredient to reach the goal, to get to the destination.
Anyone who underestimates the evidence is because he hasn’t yet tried games of this type. You will understand a lot about human relationships. You will understand even more about how relationships are necessary and good communication is essential for the success of any group work.
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You don’t survive by challenging nature but by becoming part of it! We recreate fun but challenging scenarios and demonstrate effective techniques and solutions based on the experience of mountain experts. After an initial explanation, the group is divided into teams, equipped with survival kits, after which the adventure will begin with a map. There will be obstacles and unexpected events recreated to allow you to carry out specific activities.
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Inspired by the craziest race in the world by Dastardly and Muttley, we thought of an equally crazy race, in the water and with our rafts. In this case, however, you will not have to limit yourself to looking for pieces and building your raft, but you will have space to personalize it with plaques, flags, costumes and the crew’s motto. And when you leave, you will be more like boarding pirates!
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Transform your corporate day into a memorable experience with our Clean Up Challenge, a team-building activity that combines team growth with environmental care. Join forces with your team to tackle ecological challenges in local green areas. Together, we will clean parks, gardens, and public spaces, creating a positive impact on the community and strengthening the bond among team members. The Clean Up Challenge is not just a team-building activity; it’s a tangible commitment to sustainability. You will actively contribute to reducing environmental impact, promoting a responsible corporate culture.
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The format is suitable for large and moderately undecided groups. A wide-ranging activity, where all participants will be able to test different tests in different contexts, putting themselves to the test with their colleagues. And trying extraordinary and original experiences.
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The earth takes care of the man who takes care of the earth.
An engaging and useful team building activity to return to one’s origins, to remember how important it is not to lose contact with our planet, with our present and with our future.
Let’s produce something that is ours, that has a value, a story and let it be good! 🙂
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There are walks that deserve attention to the landscape. There are others that allow for greater mutual knowledge. The one with Rogers is a walk that combines both versions, starting from an easy and inclusive trekking experience. Let’s reflect together on our journey, taking a walk in an extraordinary setting.
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This outdoor team building activity involves survival tests in the snow.
After an initial briefing, the teams will have to move independently on the snow.
Each participant will be equipped with snowshoes and poles and will have a backpack and a transceiver at their disposal.
During the activity, tests will be faced in order to challenge each other, have fun and ensure that the group undertakes to pass these tests!
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Orienteering means advancing on the ground with the help of a topographic map and a compass, identifying the best way to go,
on the basis of choices that take into account the conditions of the terrain, the network of roads and trails.

The locations selected for this type of team building are united by very beautiful natural environments, sometimes with panoramic views and with particular points of interest.

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“Almost Famous” is a team building activity that demonstrates how teamwork, innovation and vision can come together to create something extraordinary and impactful. Get ready to see your team in action, unleash hidden potential and celebrate the magic of shared creation. Together, we will write a new page in the history of your company, where every voice counts, every idea it’s worth it, and every cell phone becomes the key to… making a film.
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