The Corefab case history

Adults don’t play.
And the further they go in their life, the less they are allowed to #play.
The authentic game presupposes the crubling of the roles constituted during our life.
To play means to stop being a #director and become a #pirate.
Don’t pretend to be a pirate, but fully be a pirate, immersing yourself in your new identity to the point of waving a paddle and screaming in rage as you chase another “pirate”.
Salvatore La Porta

This is where every adventure begins, every format intended for companies.
This is where the stories we will write, the stories we will tell, begin.
Where anyone will be able to produce positive energy for their own resources, using the rules of the game to be authentic and sustainable. Transforming every team building activity into long-lasting and impactful social projects. For the good of all. Because #weareallessential

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